At the Hotel de Gletscher, we are dedicated to holistic well-being, so that guests can relax whether inside or outside the hotel.

This dedication to relaxation and wellbeing is particularly important when guests are taking part in sports which depend not only on the weather, but more importantly upon their own physical condition.

For this very reason we have our own wellbeing centre, which can be found directly below reception. As well as having the traditional Turkish baths and Finnish sauna, the centre is also home to more modern therapies such as a multi-sensory shower and Kneipp hydrotherapy system.

In the shower, you can enjoy a revitalizing jet of water mingled with perfumes, sounds and colors, to provide stimulation and relaxation. The Kneipp system delivers a truly regenerating experience, in which the alternation between hot and cold water acts on not only your nervous system but also your immune and cardiac systems to reduce stress levels.

Nothing is left to chance here: the modern facilities make a pleasing contrast with the traditional design of the hotel, where afternoon tea on the comfortable sofas is reminiscent of times gone by.

Finally, complete your relaxation of body and mind by gazing at the multi-toned ceiling which is decorated to give the impression of a starry night sky.